The Growth agency

Putting the Sanity into small business marketing

The Growth agency

Putting the Sanity into small business marketing

The Growth agency

Putting the Sanity into small business marketing

What marketing goals can we help you with?

We’re big on results – in fact, for some of our services that’s the only way you’d pay us. With that in mind, we have over 50 services to help you achieve your small business marketing goals – as ever, with your ROI in mind.

Each service we offer will help you achieve your marketing goals in various (and varying) ways and we’ve made a point of telling you, in simple terms, what each service will do for your small business. Our Pick ‘N’ Mix services work well when a collection of the services are used together (the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and all that).  

Start small and as results come in, we’ll give you a steer as to other services we’d recommend to add fuel to the fire.


If you’d not sure which services will best support your marketing goals or you’re just not sure where to start – just ask!

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Why Sanity?

Small business marketing can be a minefield – a big, dangerous, confusing, expensive minefield.

There’s tons and tons of insanity to avoid – whether it’s hiring multiple freelancers (where the whole marketing effort can be a little disjointed – with confused messaging, ugly and inconsistent assets and incoherent tracking); hiring a posh agency who love to talk strategy and want draconian fixed term contracts and thousands and thousands of your hard-earned money; or doing it all yourself and perhaps being a little lost or off-base as to what will resonate with your customers or the press.

That’s why we exist – putting the Sanity into small business marketing.

Small business marketing shouldn’t be just ‘going through the motions’ and rigid – it should be result-focused and adaptable – so we have tens of services you can choose from (either one-off services or monthly rolling) – most of them working together and complimenting each other nicely (marketing works best when it flows).

Small business marketing shouldn’t be expensive – it’s not rocket science – so we charge low fees to our small business clients.

Small business marketing shouldn’t be a gamble – we’ve worked with (and continue to work with) hundreds and hundreds of people just like you – so we have a good feel for what works and what doesn’t (check out our testimonials and case studies). All these clients also gives us tons of clout with journalists with plenty of stories, expert comments and review opportunities to offer (that’s why we offer Pay per Results PR – we know we can deliver and we like to put our money where our mouth is).
And that’s why we proudly use the slogan: Putting the Sanity into small business marketing.

Kind Words

Some very kind words from our lovely clients, thank you!