‘No brainer PR’  for small business

Us (in a nutshell)

We like to put the sanity into small business PR. But what does that mean? Well, we’ve always found PR services for small businesses to be a little insane.

With expensive fees, lengthy contracts, confusing jargon and zero-guarantees. It’s risky business.

So we injected a little sanity – no contracts, low fees and most importantly – Pay Per Result OR our £50 (inc.VAT)/month retainer that you can unsubscribe from at any time.

Typical PR Agency Us
Bloody expensive
Articles from £50 each on our Pay Per Results PR model; or our £50/month retainer - we are cheap as chips.
No guaranteed press whatsoever (not a sausage)
On our Pay Per Results PR model, we only get paid for the press we deliver - no retainer, no hidden fees, nada! For our £50/month retainer, we'll flood your inbox with opportunities and plenty of opportunities means plenty of press!
(Probably) doesn't get much press
We secure 100's of articles a month (all the while cementing our strong relationships with key journalists) - check out our socials!
Fixed term contracts (it's like a paper-prison)
Monthly rolling
No skin in the game
On our Pay Per Results PR model, we have more skin in the game than you do! If we don't get you press, you don't pay a bean (and we'd be beavering away for nothing)
Huge financial commitment
For our Pay Per Results PR model, you have zero financial commitments; for our retainer, it's just £50/month and you can leave at any time
Focused on exposure and other fluffy, intangible goals (that seem to take years to 'achieve')
On our Pay Per Results PR model, we only get paid for press that supports your pre-determined marketing goals - be it brand awareness, credibility, or SEO (backlinks). For our retainer model, any press we get you is all inclusive - be it one piece or 100 pieces.
You pay for 'schmoozey' waffle
We eat waffle for breakfast (literally)
Justify retainers by clogging your inbox with monthly, lengthy reports that tell you all about the 'pending articles' that are going to come in (after a few more payments from you!)
On our Pay Per Results PR model, you'll get real time updates with our web platform and app. On our retainer mode, we'll be sending regular opportunities to your inbox and will let you know about published pieces as soon as they come out.


As a results-focused agency, we like to start with what your marketing goals are and go from there – there’s no point in getting press for press-sake.

PR delivers credibility, SEO (with backlinks), and of course, brand awareness – all useful to a small business owner to help get enquiries/leads flooding in and your sales soaring.


making search engines like you more & beating out your competition in listings

Brand Awareness

getting your name out there


a little social proof

Some kind words from lovely folks

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