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As an agency we create sales (big sales) for our clients – whether it’s £100,000 for a hotel client with just one email, or an extra £16,000 a month for a South-London hairdressing client – generating sales is what we do.

In an industry that seems more caught up in having hours of strategy meetings, social media following and one-line mentions in glossy magazines – our focus on sales helped us stand out from the crowd – taking us (well … me and a laptop [and not a very good one]) to over £500,000 a year in sales with a 100% increase each year (and growing!) and 14 staff.

How did we do it? Easy – we do exactly what we do for our clients – for us too.

Here are 3 secrets you need to know to get your business to £500,000 a year (and then some):

1.Your website – it all starts there. In 2019, your website is your shop window – but unlike the dying British high street – you have the potential of millions of users passing by. Websites are the most underutilised resource in a small business owners’ arsenal – and it’s a damn shame. You want to have a website that new users are coming to, engaging with and buying from / booking in.

There’s plenty you can do off the bat to get your house in order. In essence you need to:

  • Sign up to Google Analytics – it’s free and tells you everything you need to know about your website traffic (see How to make the most out of Google Analytics).
  • Sign up for a Facebook Business account – it’s free too – and get a pixel on your website (you’ll need it for lead ads later).
  • Sign up to MailChimp – it’s free as well (seeing a pattern?) and get a pop up on your website asking people to sign up. Don’t forget to get a big sign up button at the top of your website too (you’ll need sign ups later).
  • Sort your on-site SEO (things you can do on your website so that search engines like you more) – you don’t need to pay an expert – just get the basics right for now (see 5 tips for improving your on-site SEO)
  • Get to grips with off-site SEO – (things you can do on the internet so that search engines likes your website more) – signing up to Google My Business and getting yourself on some free directories will do you wonders (see 5 tips for improving your on-site SEO)

2.Website traffic – so now you’ve got your house in order and maybe you’re got a little organic search traffic coming in (traffic from search engines) – it’s time to get that website traffic soaring – more traffic – more new users – more potential customers.   

There’s three great ways of getting website traffic through the roof:

  • Social media traffic ads – use some of the regular blogs you’ll be writing (as part of your new on-site SEO campaign above) and use them to create an ad on Facebook & Instagram targeted to your demographic(s) – do two blogs to start and see how they perform over two weeks – it’s a game of trial and error. You really want 3p – 11p a click and you want new users to be looking at more than 1 page per visit (Google Analytics can help here). You want to be spending around £80-£200 a month for the thousands of new users you’ll want to be getting.
  • Influencers – influencers ‘influencer’ (go figure) – invite them in to try your product or service in extra for a post or story. I once got two Instagram posts from Britany (just because I asked nicely) (see 5 tips for using influencers to promote your business).
  • PR – the Thor’s Hammer of marketing – one good story and you’ve got yourself 18k new users to your website in one day (see 5 tips for writing a press release and 5 tips for reaching out to a journalist).

3. Turning new users into cash – so now you’re got thousands more new users – your key page views (product pages, contact us, book now) should be up and you should have some lovely sign ups on your e-newsletter – I dare say you’ve had some more sales as well. But now it’s time to turn that trickle into a flood.

  • E-Newsletter – start sending out a fortnightly newsletter to your subscribers – have 3-5 ‘stories’ ranging from your news and blog posts to offers. This is a good place to show off your press and new influencer friends. Make sure you have calls to action through-out – but be more ‘informational and less saley’ (see 5 ways to use a newsletter to generate sales).
  • Lead ads (re-marketing) – these are my favourite marketing activity. The name of the game here is to send Facebook and Instagram adverts to users who have been on one or several of your key pages – they already know about you and they are warmed up to buy – they just need an extra incentive. I’d suggest you do a special offer – where users give you their name, telephone number and email address and Facebook kindly sends you a list of leads to contact and book in. Some of our clients are generating 200 leads a week from this – for the price of around 80p per lead (where an average lead generates £54 in sales). I’d look to spend £80-£160 a month on these – but always best to suck it and see.
  • Traffic ads (re-marketing) – this is a similar concept to lead ads – but instead of leads (users giving over details for you to contact them) it directs them to your website to book in / buy tickets. As with lead ads – as you are targeting users who have been on your key pages – they are warmed up and more inclined to buy. As with lead ads – I’d suggest an offer and do a little trial and error (as with all your marketing efforts).

You might have noticed that I haven’t mentioned social media content or posting – there is a place for that – it gives you gravitas and can generate website traffic and of course sales (see 5 reasons why your business needs social media.) But it’s a longer game and will never be as powerful as the activities mentioned above (unless you’re a Kardashian). Keep it pretty, professional, informative, fun and regular (see 5 mistakes you’re making on social media). Hootsuite is always a good tool for planning and scheduling posts in advance. And make sure you are promoting blogs and displaying website links in posts – you want people on your website (see 6 ways to up your social media game)!

So there you are – any comments or questions – please reach out to me at jordan@sanity-marketing.com and I’d be happy to help!

Jordan Baker
Jordan Baker

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