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We don’t need to convince you of the very many benefits of a marketing campaign: you already know that. What you also may be aware of is the costs involved, and to some smaller businesses, this commitment can be a deal-breaker.

However, gone are the days of solely pledging your allegiance to one agency and paying a set retainer every month for eternity. We understand the need for flexibility, budget, but ultimately results – and we provide them. That’s how we put the ‘Sanity’ into small business marketing.

Here are 5 benefits of monthly rolling or no contract marketing for small business clients – something that we’re very proud to be able to offer! 

No long, scary contracts:

  • There’s a reason why basically everyone has some sort of commitment issue – it can be scary. It also applies to business – is tying yourself down for the foreseeable future in a rigid contract worth the financial detriment?
  • Phone companies understood that not everyone wants to commit to one provider long term, thus creating the ‘pay-as-you-go’ model that’s still going strong decades later. This applies to our monthly rolling marketing campaigns too – you’re definitely not shackled to a long-term contract or paying a fixed retainer.

Makes us work harder:

  • Having that security blanket of a regular fee means that some agencies will sit back and develop complacency and underperform.
  • We thrive on your approval and go that extra mile to ensure you remain with us. We want you to succeed, and we ensure that will happen as we want your repeat business! We tackle each new client on a case-by-case basis, using our marketing knowledge and lack of fear in pushing boundaries to garner the best results for you.

More flexibility for you:

  • Sure, you could handle the marketing side of the business yourself, but it’s likely that you could be spending your time more effectively somewhere else within your business.
  • Leave it to us. With our knowledge and endless contacts in the field, you can continue to grow and optimise your business – giving you the flexibility and freedom to concentrate on other aspects. Setting up on a monthly rolling contract offers the flexibility during busy periods when you need assistance, or perhaps when certain marketing activities aren’t required, you can take a month or two off.

Bespoke packages for you each month: 
  • There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach in marketing. What works for a dental practice may not work for a restaurant, so there will be different approaches to get the right results.
  • With our 30+ Pick ‘N’ Mix marketing services, you choose what works for you, not pay for services you’re not interested in / doing elsewhere. It doesn’t need to be the same each month either – it’s an organic process that changes with the demands of your business.

Frees up cash flow: 
  • Allocating a fixed fee every month on your marketing may be good for a traditional marketing agency, but why should you waste this money if you don’t need the service for that particular month? 
  • We’ve all had premium gym memberships, but never had the time to go. Instead of configuring to our needs, we end up cancelling the service to save money and miss out. Why not pay for what you need, still freeing up that cash flow, yet still regularly committing to something that will benefit you when you need it but saving money. And yes, we’re talking about monthly rolling marketing now, not deadlifts and squats!

Jordan Baker