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In today’s world, if you’re a business without active Social Media accounts do you even exist?

Like stalkers and telemarketers, new customers like to know they can find your information online, while existing ones enjoy following what you’re up to and keeping up to date with new products, services and offers.

A Social Media presence instils a level of trust between you and your customers – they like to read reviews, quirky posts and clear information about what you do.

Not sure where to start, don’t fret – we’ve come up with 5 easy ways to boost engagement on your business’ Social Media accounts:

  • Strong imagery – create and display an engaging profile picture and cover photo to attract attention and ensure your company looks professional.
  • Call to actions – make sure these feature within your statuses and updates. They are crucial for engagement and click throughs to your website.
  • Use videos – interesting video content is the key to being visible on Facebook. Less words and more visuals are the way to go.
  • Timings and demographics – experiment with posting updates at different times to find out what works best. Find your target audience by creating varied demographic groups.
  • Communicate – be active on Facebook by responding to comments and private messages. There’s nothing better than engaging directly with your users.

Jordan Baker