5 key benefits of Pay Per Results Services

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PR is pricey and retainers can quickly build into a small fortune over a few months – with little to show for it.

Today we’re giving you 5 key benefits of Pay Per Results PR services (the jewel in our crown).

  1. Exposure to a plethora of journalists and influencer without paying a dime – we want to you get press and plenty of it, so we’ll regularly reach out to our contacts and talk you up. Even if you don’t take up the opportunities – think of all that extra exposure.
  2. Support and guidance from PR professionals – we like to think we know what we’re doing and as we only get paid if you get coverage, we are going to support and guide you to get those all-important PR wins.  
  3. Control your budget – retainers are expensive and not linked to performance. That doesn’t seem fair to us. With our Pay Per Result PR services you are in control of what you are paying each month – want 5 reviews in January? Great! No press needed for February – great too! Your Bank Manager will love you.
  4. No commitment – why commit to contracts and monthly retainers? We offer our Pay Per Result PR services on a monthly rolling contract.
  5. Pay for the publications and influencers you want – the number one benefit of Pay Per Result PR services has to be the ability to accept only the type of PR win you are after – whether it’s a coveted publication or ideal influencer. Get exactly what you want, without the risk or financial commitment.

So why Pay Per Results PR services? Because we are Sanity Marketing and we put the sanity into your marketing.

Pay per Results PR Services:

Comment pieces

Line ups

Influencer endorsements


Lola thinks you should look at the services we offer to make the magic happen...

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Jordan Baker

Jordan Baker


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