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PR agencies are typically pricey – and with that hefty price tag it’s important that you get the most bang for your buck.

Do not fear – we’re here (unintentional rhyming) to give you our take on the mistakes you should watch out for:

  • Not setting objectives clearly – if you hire an agency when your head is in the clouds, you’re unlikely to achieve your business goals. Before setting up that meeting be clear on what you want – PR can be useful for brand awareness, driving sales and even just for vanity – but without a clear objective – it’s most useful for burning through a pile of cash. With these objectives in mind, you can then gage how well your PR agency is doing against your goals.

  • Not communicating with your agency – the role of your agency is to tell your untold stories to the public, so it’s important that you have a regular dialogue to keep the agency up to date on what you and your business are doing. You might have overlooked a great opportunity for story telling that your agency could easily spot over a quick chat and a coffee (and a muffin … or two).

  • Not sending things over fast enough – when working with clients, PR agencies need certain things from you, such as images and information about your venue/event/offers. Delays in sending things over just delays what your PR agency is working on, which may affect you in the long run.

  • Not approving things fast enough – the PR world is a minefield – and it moves at the speed of light. As the adage goes – today’s news is tomorrow’s chip paper. With that in mind, timing is everything, and as such it’s important that you stand ready to approve copy, then your doting agency can send it out into the ether without delay.

  • Not insisting on regular updates – it’s important when you hand over your hard-earned cash and most importantly (I think) your reputation that you’re regularly updated on progress. You might not be a PR supremo but you will at least get a sense of how hard your agency is working for you and whether the ROI is there. Not sure? Reach out to me – for the price of a double espresso I’ll offer a little insight (and I’ll even let you stroke Lola too).

Remember, all our PR services are Pay Per Results – reach out to see if we can help you!

Jordan Baker