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Social media is a not-so-secret trick to help expand your business’ reach and improve traffic. But when reaching out to new customers with an exciting Facebook campaign or viral Tweet, if not done properly, can do more harm than good.

As much as slip-ups are inevitable for even the largest of brands, here are our top five mistakes a business can make on social media:

1. NOT PLANNING – prepare, prepare, prepare. Rinse and repeat this word. Having a clear strategy when it comes to your brand’s social media approach helps you keep on track with targets and to better refine your brand’s personality. Keep consistent with your posts to build buzz, plan ahead to know how to sustain interest, and have a defined voice to better create captions.

2. NOT ENGAGING – show your customers you care by taking the time to reply and interact with your followers. If someone took the time to tweet about how much they love your new product, take the time to tell them thanks! If something has gone wrong on their end that you can’t resolve publicly, ask them to direct message you.

3. NOT POSTING ENOUGH/TOO MUCH – quality, not quantity. Too frequent with posts and your followers’ feeds will be clogged and they may unfollow. Post too little, and you risk algorithms disregarding your content completely. As a baseline, three – five times per week can optimise growth without being too forceful.

4. NOT TAKING FULL ADVANTAGE – every social media platform has its own niche. Instagram story polls can be quick ways to gauge public responses to a new product. Facebook Live videos immerses your following. Twitter moments allow you to showcase the very best of what your business is up to. Every platform has tools to present your content in creative and unique ways; maximise it!

5. NOT EXPERIMENTING – don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Audience habits can change overnight, so test out different methods and have fun while doing so. Social media is there to entertain!

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Jordan Baker


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