5 mistakes you’re making with your small business newsletter

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Sending out newsletters is a cost-effective and successful way to help you keep in touch with your customers, whilst also helping to strengthen your relationship with them.

But while newsletters can be an excellent tool, they aren’t easy to get right – just think of all the annoying newsletters you’re subscribed to and simply ignore… 

Today, we’re sharing 5 common mistakes you’re making with your newsletter.

1. Too long – the average working person doesn’t have time to read what is essentially a short novel. Keep the send-outs to the point with key information only – and remember that most people really don’t care unless there’s something in it for them.

2. Timing and frequency – unless you’re sending out to your company’s biggest fan, people are bound to get annoyed by overly frequent emails. Make sure you aren’t sending your newsletters out too often, or people will stop reading them. It’s also important that your newsletters are sent out at times when people are most likely to read them, for example at commuting times.

3. Relevant – make sure that you aren’t sending a newsletter just for the sake of sending one. The content should be relevant and interesting – don’t forget to mix it up with pictures and videos. Ideally, a good newsletter should include news/blogs, new product features, an offer, and perhaps even a heart-warming success story to round it off. 

4. Too many call-to-actions – the main goal of a newsletter should be to generate sales by driving people to the website. It’s fine to have a few CTA’s included, but you don’t want to overwhelm readers by suggesting they ‘sign up here’, ‘book now’, or ‘visit this page’ all in rapid succession. Not only will this feel too “sales-y”, but it may also get readers confused as to what you want them to do.

 5. Not analysing – after you send that initial newsletter, take a deep dive into the analytical side of things. Products like Mailchimp provide key information after your campaign is completed, so you can see how many people are opening the email, how many are clicking onward, and so on. Use this information to target better, write better, and experiment next time. 

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