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New Year, new you, new business. Is there a better time to just go for it and become your own boss than at the start of the New Year? From business insurance to registering with the ICO; and from software to bookkeeping – there’s plenty to think about (and to muddle through). Yet marketing doesn’t have to be one of them. 

Here, we reveal 5 must to marketing tasks when setting up a new business in the New Year: 

  1. Get a Facebook Pixel – a Facebook pixel is a code to add to your website and tracks your website data. You can then send adverts using the Facebook Advertising Manager to users you have been on your website. This is called remarketing and is a very useful tool (people who have visited your website tend to be more ready to buy from you).   
  2. Get Google Analytics – Google Analytics is a tool that lets you track and analyse your website traffic. It can tell you where your traffic is coming from and what they are doing on your website – important stuff. You’ll also want to make sure you have set up the completion goals so you can track activities such as calls, emails and contact us forms.
  3. Create an online presence – if you’re not on the internet does your business even exist? You’ll have to have a social media presence (think about who your demographic is and where you can best engage with them) and you’ll want to be posting 2-5 times a week consistently. Plan your posts in advance with a software like Hootsuite (it’s free). You’ll also want to make sure you have a Google My Business account (really helpful in getting people to find you) and registered on various free directories such as Yell.com.
  4. Meet the press – create a one-pager about you and your business and send it out to relevant journalists (Google is helpful here) offering comments or an opportunity to review. Make a point of sending out 1-4 pieces of content a week to journalists covering subjects you are expert in and repurpose that content as a blog post and/or for newsletters. Once again – a one-pager is the way to go and remember, it’s content not an advert for your business.
  5. Newsletters – make sure you’re capturing your website users by having a big sign up to our newsletter button and a pop up; and send out newsletters 1-2 times a month. People want to hear from you. You should be offering a little content, followed by an offer – short and sweet.

Jordan Baker