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At some point in your life you’re going to fail – whether it’s in your personal or professional life – failure is an inevitable. Famously it was said that “success is the ability to go from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiasm”; still, the thought of failing is daunting at least and debilitating at worst. Failure in personal growth and especially in business is key – it’s the fuel that helped shaped some of history’s most prolific organisations and people.

Today we reveal 5 reasons it’s important to fail.

1. Lessons learnt – the old adage is true – you learn more from failure than success. The sting of making mistakes stays with you and the lesson is learnt – never to be repeated. It’s a widely accepted practice for venture capitalist firms to only invest in entrepreneurs who have failed at least once before.      

2. Nothing to lose – once you reach rock bottom, the only way is up. Once it’s happened you realise that failure isn’t the end of the world, removing the fear and giving you the confidence and the fire to move forward with other projects and aspects of your life with the mind set of what’s the worst that could happen?

3. Redirection – reaching a dead-end is incredibly useful to teach you where you don’t want to be or what you don’t want to be doing – giving you a chance to correct and go on to succeed. Something not working? Try something else – eventually you’ll hit gold.   

4. Makes success sweeter – achieving success after experiencing failure makes you appreciate that success all the more. That sweet taste will give you even more motivation to plough on to achieve ever more success.

5. Humbles you – with the inevitability of failure it’s useful to experience failure early on to avoid hubris. Pride cometh before the fall. A humbling stumble can help you avoid big falls in the future.

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