5 reasons to start a blog for your small business

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In 2018, a blog isn’t just a hobby. It’s a serious profession and an even more serious LinkedIn headline.

They’re the 80s Casio Digital Diary of today. A blog can create new PR opportunities and build consumer confidence in your brand.

Don’t get left behind. Here are five reasons to start a blog today:

1. BOOSTING SEO – a blog is a great way to get the old SEO up – a Digital Marketers’ dream. The more content on your website talking about your keywords – closer to the top of Google you appear.

2. CONTENT MARKETING – a blog is one way to let your brand’s personality truly shine. With every post written and published, it’s fodder for social media, e-newsletters, and e-books.

3. MAKING NEW CONNECTIONS – it could be committing one hour per day while your coffee brews to replying to emails. Or spending time building relationships with your readers by replying to comments. Running a blog involves devotion and discipline. It strengthens your brand’s relationship with its customer base and reaches out to new demographics.

4. TELL YOUR BRAND’S STORY – a blog can act as a space to better tell, in a less formal style, your brand’s backstory. You can directly speak to your customers not only as consumers, but as people and readers. Tell them why your brand does what it does, and how your brand can help them. Show them what you’re all about.

5. BETTER LEARN YOUR AUDIENCE – blog analytics are a fantastic bonus of blogging. They allow you to track your readers’ click-throughs, shares, and even what day of the week they’re more likely to be online. Use this to better picture your customers and find new ways for your brand to help them.

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