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Nearly everything in the online world is centred around Google. So, it’s no surprise then that Google’s ability to help businesses looking for new customers is second to none.

One program in particular, AdWords, prides itself in allowing you to create ads aimed squarely at people who are already interested in products/services like yours. Despite the incredible capabilities however, many businesses aren’t using this technology to their advantage. Today, we’re providing five reasons why you NEED to be using Google AdWords.

1. Massive Reach – Google has such an influence in society that the verb ‘Google’ has landed itself in the Oxford Dictionary. Whenever anyone has a question, they turn to Google, meaning that the search engine handles 2+ trillion searches a year – that’s around 5 billion a day! So where better to position your business than on this platform?

2. Harness intent – while social media advertising may be useful, you’re not advertising to people that are seeking a solution to something. If someone is on Facebook, it’s likely that they’re stalking an ex or reading click-bait articles, rather than searching for your product. However, by using AdWords, you are advertising to people who are looking for something specific, meaning it’s more likely that they’ll turn into customers.

3. Maintain control – traditional marketing campaigns can require a lot of manpower in order to reach the number of people that AdWords can. Meanwhile, AdWords is so easy to use yet so powerful, that you only need a few members of staff to be on campaign duty, allowing you to allocate your resources elsewhere.

4. Easy to understand – the race for a high Google ranking can be a confusing and mind-boggling ordeal; however, AdWords cuts through all of the confusion and wasted time. With this software, you can see clicks, impressions, and your budgets, while also viewing exactly how visitors are behaving once they’re on your website.

5.  Quick results – Search Engine Optimisation is a marathon, not a sprint. While it still remains the backbone of the high ranking sites on Google, it can take years until your website appears top of the scoreboard. However, with AdWords, the chances of you leapfrogging the organic results on a search engine results page grow exponentially. AdWords stops the constant battle with keywords and backlinks, while allowing you to run ads and boost the number of people seeing your website.

Jordan Baker
Jordan Baker

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