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It doesn’t matter how large or how successful a business is, everyone wants to save money wherever they can. Sometimes this can mean cutting corners or removing the luxuries, but marketing and PR shouldn’t be seen as a luxury service – especially for small businesses.

We’re not a traditional marketing agency however, so not only do we have monthly rolling / no contracts but we also won’t take your money in bucketloads and watch you suffer to keep up. We understand the needs of small businesses and see each client as an opportunity to grow – together!

Here are 5 reasons we charge low fees to our small business clients as a PR / Marketing agency:

  • No fancy city-centre offices to pay for – you’re paying for our expertise, not to fund our extravagant tastes in lavish interior design, office bean bags or so that we have our own coffee machine. Sure, our expertise is valuable. But we’ve stripped away all the fluff to make it affordable for any small business. We’d much rather ensure that your business gets the results it needs, not ensure that we’ve got a posh 30th floor office.

  • No fluff – we don’t mess around (that’s pricey for us and we don’t want you picking up the tab). Our services focus on offering results not worrying about the activity (or making a meal of it). With us being focused on our approach, our costs are lower and so then are our fees.

  • We’re process-driven – we’re constantly researching and developing ways to work smarter, not harder. We use software and carefully curated processes to ensure that we’re being as efficient as possible. We take the nonsense away from PR & marketing and focus on ‘the sanity’, allowing us to deliver real world, tangible results for you as quickly, affordably, and easily as can be.

  • We have hundreds of small business clients – this isn’t solely about volume (although having plenty of clients means we can spread the costs) but having the variety and challenges to apply our expertise to. At Sanity Marketing, we love small businesses (we love you too, larger clients!), and that shows in our results. Small businesses are the backbone of the nation and we understand their unique needs more than anyone else – and it shows in our commitment to providing an affordable, results-driven full range of PR / Marketing services.

  • We only offer what works – this feeds into point 2 – we don’t waste time blowing smoke up your whatsit (time is money and you don’t want to be paying us to mess about). We’ll only work on a) works for you b) will give you the results you desire, and c) if we’d do it for ourselves. We’ll let you know of the likelihood of whether what you require is viable or not and ensure to come up with a plan if it isn’t. You win – we win.

Jordan Baker