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It’s easy to think that social media is just a blizzard of likes and hashtags – lots of fun, but ultimately a bit pointless. Wrong. If you’re running a serious business today, no matter what you’re selling, social media can be one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. There’s no excuse for not using it, and if you don’t, you’ll be passing up all sorts of opportunities to define your brand and drum up new business.

So if you’re a bit allergic to social media, or aren’t much of a user yourself, it’s time to wake up. To explain why, Sanity’s supremo Jordan Baker is giving you 5 solid reasons why social media needs to be at the core of your strategy.

  1. Social is where users spend their time – there aren’t many certainties in the online world, but here’s one: we know that as much as 75% of people’s time online is spent roaming around Facebook, Google and other social platforms. There’s no reason not to be there with them.
  2. Your competitors are there already – there’s no part of the business world that doesn’t depend on social in some way. Your competitors will be using it, and you need to keep up. So look at what they’re doing, learn from it, and try to one up their efforts.
  3. It can make you a ton of money – social media is an incredibly efficient way of promoting yourself – and turning eyeballs into sales. Plus – with analytics you can clearly see where your biggest returns are – and maximise your customer acquisition costs.
  4. You can experiment to see what works – unlike traditional advertising, you can use social media to road-test different messages. If you’re scheduling the same ad three times a day, try different wording each time and see which one gets the most positive attention, then use that insight to develop your brand voice.
  5. You can’t beat data – it’s easy to gather anecdotal information from people who’ve already heard of you. But if you invest some time and a little money in sound social analytics, you’ll start to get the hard numbers you need to work out who’s getting your message and how many of them actually click through to hear more. Invaluable information for free. It’s a win-win.

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Jordan Baker

Jordan Baker


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