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As a PR AGENCY we like to think we are different, and it got us thinking – do businesses and brands really need to hire a PR AGENCY at all?

Here are 5 reasons why you don’t need a PR AGENCY:

  1. ANYONE CAN GIVE AWAY FREE STUFF (EVEN YOU) – gifting can be a great tool for getting reviews and into your product or service into line ups. But how hard is it really to give away stuff for free – not very. “Would you like a free meal?”, “would you like a free ticket?”, “would you like a free bag of nuts (I was looking around for inspiration and saw my breakfast)?” – there really isn’t any need to pay someone big bucks when you can do it yourself.
  2. JOURNO REQUESTS CAN COME TO YOU – with the invention of software like Response Source* and the #journalistrequest hashtag on twitter – JOURNALISTS requests can come straight to you. For £1,000 a year and a keen eye on your emails / twitter you could be racking up column inches before you know it.
  3. CONNECTIONS – if you want to get friendly with JOURNALISTS in your field, and develop relationships with CELEBS and INFLUENCERS – why pay an AGENCY to get in the way as middleman? Go straight to the source, make friends yourself, skip the dancing act and save yourself some money. Hey – we’ll even give you a list of JOURNALISTS you could reach out to.
  4. NOONE CARES – no one is going to care about your brand and business like you do. Trusting your reputation and PR strategy to someone can be a scary thing – and do you really need to do it?
  5. STORIES – every day you live and breathe your business – so surely you are in the best position to tell those stories yourself? (You are creating them!)

*As an AGENCY we find software like this lazy (plus it’s time consuming as you scrabble alongside the majority of other PR AGENCIES to secure the requests). Instead we use smarter, sexier methods to build JOURNO relationships and keep press flooding in.

Lola thinks you should look at the services we offer to make the magic happen...

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Jordan Baker

Jordan Baker


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