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Social media is at the heart of any serious online strategy these days, but it’s easy to underestimate its real potential. That’s especially true when it comes to social media advertising. Despite all the misconceptions and jargon flying around, the truth is simple: social ads offer you a massive boost, and if you don’t use them, you’ll fall behind the race.

When it comes to marketing, it’s safe to say Sanity Marketing have thrown the rulebook in the shredder. Founded three years ago by Jordan Baker, the ex-journalist-turned-marketing-supreme is today giving you five reasons to start using social ads right now:

  1. Social’s where the users are – yes, the internet is unimaginably huge. But guess where users spend up to three quarters of their time? That’s right: Google and Facebook. If you don’t advertise on social as well as search, you could be wasting most of your opportunities to catch people’s eye.
  2. People who click on social ads often turn into customers – if you’re in business of any kind, conversion is probably the single most important indicator of whether your strategy’s working. And based on all the data about social ads, we know that users who click on the ad are up to twice as likely to buy compared to people who click search ads. A no-brainer.   
  3. Artificial intelligence is on your side – Facebook and other platforms are getting deeper and deeper into AI technology, rolling out the most sophisticated user-targeting technology we’ve ever seen within the next year. So, harness their incredible investment and use social ads to their utmost potential!
  4. You can choose your strategy – there are a million social advertising strategies out there, all slightly different depending on what your goal is. Are you prioritising impressions, or engagement? Which metrics do you actually care about improving? Unlike certain other kinds of advertising, the social ad world lets you craft a bespoke approach. So be imaginative.
  5. Shares and likes matter – don’t turn your nose up at the basics. If your ads aren’t getting liked and shared, that’s useful information in itself. Let your successful organic social posts inform the way you create your ads, and vice versa. All the tools in your online arsenal can complement each other if you monitor their performance right.

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Jordan Baker

Jordan Baker


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