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When sending out a story to the PRESS, you want to make sure it doesn’t fall at the first hurdle. PRESS RELEASES should be concise, interesting, and above all, targeted to the right JOURNALISTS.

Here are 5 signs your PRESS RELEASES is a real stinker.

  1. NO ONE PUBLISHES IT – a bit of an obvious one, although it is a bit ‘Captain Hindsight’. If no one publishes your story, it obviously means it wasn’t worth telling others about.
  2. IT’S AN AD – there’s a big difference between an advert and a news story. JOURNALISTS know the game you’re playing, they won’t give you a free advert for your business. The trade-off for them giving you valuable space in their columns is juicy context that their reader will lap up.
  3. SPELLING AND GRAMMAR – it may seem like another obvious one, but if you don’t bother checking your spelling and grammar, a JOURNALIST isn’t going to bother publishing it. It makes your business look unprofessional and disinterested. Let’s face it, JOURNALISTS are busy and they really want a PRESS RELEASE they can turn into an article with minimal fuss.
  4. PICTURES – having pictures in your PRESS RELEASE makes all the difference – no one wants to look at a block of uninterrupted text – especially not a JOURNALIST who is on deadline. Ever heard the expression ‘a picture is worth 1000 words’? But make sure they’re good quality pictures – and add any photo credits.
  5. MUDDLED most importantly – if your PRESS RELEASE goes off on different tangents, the message you want to send is not going to be clear. Be concise, explain what’s happening, when, where and how people can be part of it. Get to the point – and get there fast! If it’s helpful – note down bullets of the messages you want to get across to keep the prose focused. And the less editorialising the better.

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