5 signs your small business website is crap

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Yikes reacts only. While a brand’s social media is often the new face of the company, their own website can often make or break potential new customers. Nobody wants to load-up a dust-covered, desktop-only, clunkily designed website on their phone. Ew.

Here are my top five signs that your website is crap and in need of a makeover:

  1. Your website isn’t mobile friendly – it’s simple. You load-up your website on your phone-screen and you’re stuck awkwardly zooming-in, out, in, out, repeat ad infinitum. If a website is mobile-friendly, about 50 to 70% of its traffic will come from mobiles.


  1. Your website still uses Microsoft Clip Art – a friendly reminder that it’s not 2002 still. Your website might be in a dire need of a makeover if it doesn’t come packaged in a sleek design. Even the most basic Content Management Sites, such as Blogger or WordPress, can host your site as well as come with chic designs for you to use.


  1. Your website doesn’t have your contact information on it – once they’ve landed on your website, you have about five seconds to sell yourself or oops. Bye. They’ve gone. Add a ‘Call Us’, ‘Email’, or ‘Contact’ page on your website that’s clearly accessible on the landing page.


  1. You’re getting very little traffic from Google – pulling traffic from Google is a major gauge of how successful your SEO is. If Google’s mystical algorithms are struggling to pick-up your website, give it a solid SEO audit behind the scenes.


  1. Your blog is gathering virtual dust – nothing looks worse than clicking on your page, seeing the ‘blog’ tab, excitedly clicking on it to find a blog that hasn’t been updated since The Pussycat Dolls released music. It sends a message you’re not excited about your business, so while you don’t have to blog every waking minute, taking time out each week or month to drop a blog post goes a long way.


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