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When trying to gain exposure for your company, your best friend should always be a JOURNALIST. They are your key to the outside world, and they know what sells. The more publicity you get, the more reputable your company will appear, the more traffic will come to your website and the more sales you’ll generate.

Here are 5 steps to reach out to a JOURNALIST.

  1. SEARCH FOR THE RIGHT JOURNALIST – there’s no point speaking to JOURNALISTS who review restaurants when you own a hair salon. Read and watch coverage that resonates with you, and make a note of whichJOURNALISTS are covering it. Those are the ones you need to contact in the future.
  2. RESEARCH THEM – find out more about them. Google is your friend here. Find out what these JOURNOS write, where their pieces appear and how they take their coffee.
  3. MAKE YOUR FIRST MOVE – it’s important you stand out when first contacting JOURNALISTS. They will have hundreds of companies contacting them a day, make sure how you contact them is unique, with ideas for future stories.
  4. KEEP BADGERING – not so much that you annoy them, but keep reminding them you are here. JOURNALISTS have a number of people emailing and calling them, you need to make sure they remember you, and why your company is important.
  5. BE OPEN – when the call finally comes and JOURNALISTS want to cover you, be open to their ideas. They are going to want to sensationalise their stories. It’s what gets them their viewers, and will ultimately lead to people clicking on your page. Be open to interviews and ideas they may have to promote your brand further in the future.

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Jordan Baker


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