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Starting a business is a unique experience for many reasons! And no one understands the trials and tribulations of starting and growing a business until you actually do it. 

We’ve compiled a list of 5 things that only business owners understand. Have we missed any? Comment below!

  1. You understand that there’s no reward without risk – whether it’s risking your own capital or the stability of a steady job to pursue the unknowns of starting a business, an entrepreneur knows that taking risks is an inevitable part of being a business owner and the only way to reap substantial rewards. 
  2. You’ve always got your mind on ‘the next big thing’ – the passion you have for your business shines through and you’re always thinking about the new direction, or the next big thing that will take your goals to another level. You see opportunity wherever you go, and you are always ready to make a deal!
  3. You’re a master at balancing free trials – the cost of various services (especially online) build up but luckily for you, you’ve mastered the art of balancing free trials like your life depends on it. Once that free trial expires, you’re setting up a new account with another email address, then another… until you decide that, maybe, the service really is worth it after all.
  4. You’ve faced rejection… many times – being an entrepreneur means developing a thick skin and understanding that you’ll get rejected many more times than you succeed – and that’s ok! Take those criticisms on board and use them to constantly evolve your company into something better.
  5. You’ve been everything to everyone – in the early stages of a business, you’ll find yourself chipping in on every single area of your company’s management. Whether that’s fixing IT issues, phone lines (or even that pesky leak in the bathroom), you truly are a jack of all trades.

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