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“Another day, another clunky press release,” the tired, enervated journalist mutters to himself. As he walks to the NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® machine to make his fourth coffee (it’s only 9:35 am) he can’t help but wonder if PRs nowadays even get what the press want anymore.

Here’s five things that the press honestly do not care about anymore:

  1. They won’t care if it doesn’t relate to their readers – zzz. You’ll easily put editors to sleep and your press release in the recycling bin if your press releases are blearily written and you haven’t researched the publication. If what you’re trying to promote isn’t relevant to the publication’s readers, and/or is written in a dreary way, you’ll never catch the editor’s eye. 
  1. They don’t care about your product if they have to work out what it even is – as busy as PRs and brands are, journalists are busier. So, if they can’t work out what you’re promoting at a single glance, they probably won’t even open-up the email.  
  1. They won’t care if the story has already been heavily covered – “exclusive” is a word that pops up a lot in journalism. Every title wants to be the apparent first to cover a subject, so, if you send a story pitch over that’s crammed with links to previous stories, they’ll pass in a heartbeat. They don’t care what others have to say if they weren’t the first to say it. 
  1. They don’t care if you want to monitor the story – no journalist wants a babysitter. If you want to control their story too much, they’ll pass. If you want to parrot what the client has to say, the journalist will simply roll their eyes. They can tell in a New York minute if what the client is saying is scripted. Find the middle ground between you, the client, and the journalist.
  1. They don’t care about x and y if the story is about z – if your pitch for z works, don’t overload them with more. Remember, a journalist can’t include every business and product service under the sun; they’ll only include what’s relevant to the readers. Let them build their story and offer what you can and if you can’t, find someone who can! 

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Jordan Baker