5 tips for boosting your small business’ site pages

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It’s all very well to focus on getting users to your site, but what if their experience is bad when they get there? 

A high bounce rate on your site pages means all the effort and investment it took to get potential customers there was for nothing. You need to convert traffic into customers, and this is done through optimised, high-value pages. Here’s how to get them:

  1. Internal links – internal links are the integrated page links that direct to other areas of the site. They promote a sense of flow around your site and speedily navigate your users to where they need to be. Internal links are vital to your site’s success because they can boost the site’s performance in search engines and drive traffic to your site. The more internal links you have, the higher the page rank. 
  2. Tons of pages – having lots of value-giving pages on your site will increase the likelihood that a potential customer is going to connect with the information or service they need. It’ll also vastly improve your SEO ranking, since there’s so much more content to slip relevant keywords into, which will help direct people to your site. 
  3. Promote blogs on all pages – blogs are essential for building engagement with an audience and positioning your brand as a thought leader because they enhance inbound marketing efforts and attract potential customers. Promote your blog where you can and insert hyperlinks into phrases that relate to the topics you cover. The user will end up spending more time on your site and will take away more from the experience.
  4. Pop ups – pop ups (when used in moderation!) are effective ways to let your visitors know of services or products that might interest them or conveying otherwise interesting information. You can use pop ups to push promotions, encourage sign ups or harvest email addresses. They really are versatile!
  5. Relevant content – once you have all your site pages up and running, it’s time to go into Google Analytics to see what’s working and what isn’t. Which pages are resonating with your users? Do more of that!  

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