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If you want good press coverage, then a solid press release is key. These short, compelling documents detail everything from exciting product launches to newsworthy events. 

As a journalist’s inbox is flooded with press releases daily, making yours stand out is vital. Here are our five top tips to writing an attractive and accessible press release:

  1. An attention-grabbing headline – always treat the readers time as more valuable than your own. A strong headline (and an even stronger email subject line when sending it over) pulls in the reader looking for the next big story and might not have time to read over the entire document.
  1. The inverted pyramid structure – put the most necessary information in the top paragraphs. As the reader scrolls down, the less-essential info is at the bottom. Start with a clear headline that tells the journalist what the story is about, then an introductory paragraph that – in two sentences – sums up the entire story. Use the next four paragraphs to summarise why the story is important, its context, the details (backstory, names involved), and end with who the reader can contact for more information. We want the juicy stuff at the start to entice them in!
  1. Include quotes – if your press release is all about a new brand launching its first store, then include a quote from the Creative Director. Including a quote from someone in the company provides a more human element to the press release.  
  1. Limit to one-page max – the shorter, the better. A harsh page limit forces you to compress your most relevant information into an even more readable document. If a journalist requires further info for their piece, they’ll reach out.
  1. Write in the third person – as you’re not talking directly to your target audience, stick to the third person. A press release isn’t a first draft of what the journalist would write – it’s a document written from the client’s perspective.

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Jordan Baker