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In 2019, it’s easier than ever for businesses to boast 5-6 figure sales revenue year on year – but how? Simple, it’s the time of digital marketing. And despite what people would like you to think – it’s inexpensive and easy to do.
Put simply – more website traffic = more sales.
We even have a pretty diagram to show you how to do it – ‘The Sanity Method
As an agency, we haven’t just doubled our sales year on year, but we’ve also helped our clients generate millions in sales and investment (no wonder they like us!)

Here’s how to boost your business sales – fast (and for free!):

  1. Make your website a traffic magnet (not a traffic deflector):
    1. On-site SEO – making search engines like you more by editing your website (more organic traffic coming your way … for free)
      • Check you have an SSL certificate – does it say [not secure] in the browser bar when you’re on your website? If so, you need a ‘certificate’ so search engines know you’re a trustworthy site. Not sure how to get one? It’s easy – we can help with our On-site SEO service.
      • Check you have Google Analytics – Google (the daddy of search engines) likes you more if you use their products. Plus – you need to know about your website traffic – where it’s coming from and what these users are doing on your site. Not sure how to get set up? It’s easy – we can help with our Website Traffic Analytics Guidance service.
      • Make sure you have a blog page – regularly posting content with key words that are important to you will encourage search engines to bump you to the top of the list for searches. Plus, blog posts are ideal to use for traffic advertising (see point 3). Not sure how to get set up, or need a little help writing blogs? We can help with our Blog posts service.
    2. Off-site SEO – making search engines like you more by doing things outside of your website (more organic and referral traffic coming your way … for free)
      • Have you claimed your Google My Business & Bing Places? Search engines can’t find you if they don’t know you exist. By claiming your Google My Business and Bing places, you are letting everyone know that you are open for business and where they can find you. What’s key here, is with much less Business listings than website pages on the internet – you have more chance of displaying first / higher up the list. Not sure how to get a listing? It’s easy – we can help with our other Off-site SEO Support service.
      • Check you are registered on free directories – from Yelp.com to more specific directories in your industry, get your website links out there! The more backlinks – the more search engines trust that you’re awesome (with all those buddies) and the more referral traffic you’ll enjoy. We can help with our Other Off-site SEO Support service.
    3. Other website edits you’ll need:
      • Get a bloody newsletter on your site – all those ‘thirsty’ potential customers need somewhere to sign up to, so you can sell to them on a regular basis. We’d suggest using Mailchimp, having a big ‘sign up to our newsletter’ button at the top of the page and a pop up. Need a little help? Find out about our Newsletter service.
      • Pages – make sure you have tons of pages – full of internal links. Interested users need to be kept engaged. The higher the page views – the more sales will come in. Check you have Google Analytics. Need support? Look at our Website Building service.
      • Get yourself a Facebook pixel – you’ll need this in order to remarket (targeting people who have been on your website). Not sure how to do it? Look at our Traffic ads service.
  2. Get your social media game up – you don’t need to be the next Kylie Jenner – just post the occasional, professional (grammatically correct, spelt correctly), engaging posts that are relevant to your customer base. Don’t overthink it. Hootsuite is a useful tool for scheduling posts – just post three a week. It won’t change your business overnight – but it will show you off as a modern business that is in tune with your demographic. Don’t forget to post on Google My Business too! Need support? We can help with our Social media creation and posting service.
  3. Social media ads – ain’t nothing going to make you money like social media ads.
    1. Traffic ads – these are going to boost your new users by thousands a month. Remember, more website traffic = more sales. Take a generic blog post that your demographic will enjoy and promote across Facebook and/or Instagram – targeting your demographic. You want to see 5p – 10p a click; anything more than that, then trial another blog or play with the demographics. We’d suggest a £200 a month budget as a trial and go from there. Not sure how to do it? Look at our Traffic ads service.
    2. Lead ads – once you’ve ‘banked’ around 35,000 page views, it’s time to ‘remarket’ to your website users. Create a lead ad with a special offer, targeted to users who have been on your key pages (book now, services / products etc). We’d suggest a budget of £80 for the month and see where that gets you. Confused? Look at our Lead ads service.
  4. Newsletter – the final ‘remarketing’ tool. Send a fortnightly newsletter to your audience. Keep it short, simple and visually attractive. 50% content and 50% offers – with plenty of calls to action.
  5. Trial and error – keep these activities up and analyse the results – doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t (easy, huh?). As enquiries and sales come in – invest more and more intro traffic ads – these are what are going to bring in the money. Remember, more website traffic = more sales. As ever, don’t get sucked into the vanity – focus on the sanity – sales!

Did this all go over your head? Don’t worry, we can help – consider using our Sanity Express Offer where we can set you up as a sales machine (with most of the above being sorted for you) and get at least 1,000 new users to your website in 30 days for free. We even gift you £50 towards your social media advertising – because we’re nice like that.

Lola thinks you should look at the services we offer to make the magic happen...

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