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While there are hundreds of new social platforms popping up each year, one that often gets overlooked is the good old-fashioned email. There are over 4 billion active email accounts worldwide – so you should be doing everything in your power to interact with even just a sliver of that amount.

Sending out newsletters to clients is a cost-effective but very successful way to help you keep in touch with your customers while helping you to strengthen your relationship with them.

Today, we’re sharing 5 ways to generate more sales using a newsletter.

  1. Show off what’s new – a newsletter is great way to show customers your latest products and services. You can even share news and opinion pieces with them they may be interested in, including blogs and features. The more relevant the content is, the more likely they will visit your website.
  2. Throw in good incentives – how many emails a day do you receive that you simply ignore? Most people will delete emails before opening them, except if there’s something “extra” that grabs their attention. It could be some sort of promotional item, or a particularly good discount. Everyone wants to feel special and to believe that they are getting a good deal.
  3. Include relevant links – you can quickly increase the number of visitors to your website by including relevant links in your newsletters. Chances are – people who open your newsletter will continue on to your website, and will (hopefully) browse until they find a product/ service that they’re interested in.
  4. Use data in your favour – after you send your first newsletter, you will be able to see who opens them and who doesn’t. This can tell you a lot about your audience and help you target specific types of customers better, whether it’s changing the content included or sending out at different times. More targeted customers = more sales. It’s simple really.
  5. Get personal – don’t be afraid to send out targeted information to your audiences, based on age, gender, past purchases – you name it. This will help your customers feel catered to and will encourage them to engage more with you.

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