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With many companies in the UK and worldwide now encouraging their staff to work from home, and an ever-increasing likelihood of a UK lockdown to tackle the coronavirus pandemic – masses of employees will be working remotely.

Although to some, working from home is a dream situation it comes with its challenges, and one of the biggest is how to stay motivated when you’re working alone and remotely.

Here, we share 5 ways to stay motivated whilst working from home.

  1. Set up a designated working spot – it’s easy when working from home to get comfortable wherever you please, whether it’s the sofa or your bed. But to increase productivity, it’s important to set up a home office or at least a set working desk to keep your mind work-focused and keep your work separate from other aspects of your home-life.
  2. Create a good routine – with no set starting or finishing time or public transport to catch, it’s easy to work too many hours or perhaps not enough hours. Setting a strict start time to your day and setting an alarm means you will be in a structured routine. It’s also a good idea to have a dedicated finishing time so you don’t work too many hours.
  3. Stay healthy – particularly when working from home, it’s easy to fall victim to unhealthy snacking and sitting at your work desk for long periods of time. Ensure you take regular breaks and make healthy meals, and also incorporate exercise into your day, making sure you’re not spending long, intense hours completing your work without moving.
  4. Take breaks – when you’re wrapped up in completing your work, it’s easy to work all hours of the day without taking breaks. It’s important to enjoy regular breaks in order to refresh the mind, and these can be in short, sharp bursts throughout the day. It’s also important to stand up and move around to stretch your body out and be as comfortable as possible during your work.
  5. Stay social – working from home can be lonely. Schedule some video calls with colleagues and contacts throughout the day. Some home-workers even work in chat-rooms with colleagues on in the background for that truly ‘social’ office feel. 

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