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Of all the different marketing tools out there, social media is the one most people think they can nail with their eyes closed. Surprise: most people can’t. If you want to use social media to its full potential, knowing how to use Instagram filters and schedule your tweets isn’t going to cut it. To be a true social media pro, you need to up your game.

When it comes to marketing, it’s safe to say Sanity Marketing have thrown the rulebook in the shredder. Founded three years ago by Jordan Baker, the ex-journalist-turned-marketing-supreme is today bringing you his top five tips to make your social strategy work:

  1. Don’t just post – interact – so your pictures are #InstaWorthy and your tweets are genuinely hilarious. Great stuff – but that’ll only get you so far. To really maximise your social potential, look out for anyone tweeting at you, commenting on your Facebook and Instagram posts, or using your hashtags. Jump in on threads about your business or product, and make sure to respond to questions quickly – especially if people are complaining! Ignore them and you’ll just look cold, or like you don’t care.
  2. Get hashtags right – hashtags are crucial if you want to tap into emerging trends. They also make your content much more searchable, especially on Instagram where location tags can boost engagement quickly. But if you use too many, or if they don’t match the image/ link you’re sharing, your carefully crafted message can get drowned out – or look like spam.
  3. Test run different messages – your audience may respond differently to messages with different angles, so change the text of the tweet and see what difference it makes to the numbers. Your audience may be older and have time to read more, or be young, busy millennials who just want to know the facts ASAP, so curate based on the demographic.
  4. Measure your results – this one isn’t rocket science: if you don’t check whether your strategy is working, you won’t know how you’re doing. Keep track of different measures for different platforms (engagement – reach and engagement on Facebook, likes and impressions on Twitter and most importantly website clicks and conversions) and see if your new approach is making any impact.
  5. Learn from your competitors – don’t be too proud to check what the competition are up to. What images and hashtags are they using? How many times a day do they share content, and when? And which are their most popular posts? Be prepared to admit they’re getting it right and use some of their tricks for yourself.
  6. Advertise – in 2018 you won’t get very far without advertising – make sure you firstly decide what your objective is – more followers? More website clicks? More newsletter sign ups? More engagement? More sales? Then develop a strategy to make that happen using a variety of awareness ads, offer ads and remarketing.

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Jordan Baker

Jordan Baker


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