Case Study- Traffic ads & Lead ads – Dentistry

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Case Study- Traffic ads & Lead ads – Dentistry

What did we do?

Traffic ads – we wrote and promoted blog posts on Facebook and Instagram (see below).

Most importantly we use lead ads to remarket to these users. This gives us a steady stream of leads to pass on to the client each day.

How did it help website traffic?

From 2nd May 2018 (to today 2/11/19) we have increased an already impressive number of new users by 109%.  

How did it help page views?

From 2nd May 2018 (to today 2/11/19) page views are up by 39% with key pages like offers (up 91%), fee guide (up 25%), patient journey (up 101%) and treatment pages (up 11% to 24%) dramatically up.

The quality of traffic also went up – as demonstrated not only by the page view increases but with the average time spent on each page going up by 10%.

Where’s the sanity?

Disregarding increased sales in the clinic and just looking at the leads directly generated:

76 leads from lead ads (in two weeks).

There is a 15% conversion rate (booking in within a few weeks) with the average booking value of £5,625 (ex-VAT) [a total of approximately £85,000 (ex-VAT)]

This doesn’t take into account people re-booking / having other treatments.

What would be the cost be?

Traffic ads £150 per month (+ £17 per blog post wanted / needed (usually 2-4 a month)).

Lead ads £200 per month (+ social media graphic if wanted / needed)

Advertising budget per month – £160 for lead ads, £200 to £400 a month for traffic ads (this account started with £200 a month budget and grew from there).


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