Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School

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The Client:
Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School – Not-for-profit film and drama school for all ages!

The Service:
Pay Per Result PR services :
Press Releases and Comment Pieces .

Anna has been with us since June 2020 and we continue to get her name out to the press each month!

Their Goals/The Brief:
Anna’s film school wanted as much spotlight in the press as they get on the London stages!

The Results:
… some lovely, juicy press for brand awareness, SEO and of course that all important credibility!

Results Summary:
Since Anna started with us back in summer, we have secured her at least one piece of press per month using our clever Pay Per Results PR service. Not only has Anna had her name in many different publications such as the Express and the Metro, but we also grabbed her a little morning slot on the Times Radio! Talk about really getting your name out there!

(Low!) Fee:
The Express – £150
Metro – £150
Telegraph & Argus – £50
Breaking News – £50
Irish News – £50
Times Radio – £150

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