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The Client:
Audley Chaucer – Law firm spanning offering the whole spectrum of legal services.

The Service:
Pay Per Result PR services : Comment Pieces and Press Releases.

Audley Chaucer joined in with the Sanity fun back in October 2020, and we’re loving every week we get to share their expertise with the press!

Their Goals/The Brief:
To promote the high-quality work of the brand and the individuals behind the company, and to share their expert knowledge with the press. It’s all about brand awareness and credibility!

The Results:
Well, well, well… where do we begin!? Not only have we scored Audley Chaucer a fair few piece of press in top tier newspapers and magazines, but their website SEO is also building quickly from having their names in such reputable publications.

From Forbes to Good to Know, our amazing client Audley Chaucer has featured in 10 amazing articles since joining us just 2 months ago. That’s a piece of press each week! And guess what… there’s some in the press pipeline too!

Check out just a handful of these impressive features below…

(Low!) Fee:
The cost for the following pieces:

Forbes (x2) – £500
Mirror – £150
Good to Know – £150
Telegraph – £150
Express – £150

TOTAL – £1100

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