Dr Nick Johl Case Study

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The Client:
Dr Johl Clinical Psychologist (@drjohlclinicalpsychologist) – Clinical psychologist offering video, telephone and face-to-face therapies.

The Service:
Pay Per Result PR services :
Press Releases and Comment Pieces .

Dr Johl joined us back in July and is still one of our favourite clients today!

Their Goals/The Brief:
Press opportunities & brand awareness.

The Results:
Since joining us in Summer ’20, we have secured Dr Johl press coverage every single month. Not only have we got his business into the likes of top magazines and national newspapers, we have also secured him a slot on Talk Radio. Talk about getting your name out there!
P.s. the PR team scored him a lovely feature in Marie Claire just two weeks after he joined us! Not too shabby, ey?

Results Summary:
We think these results speak for themselves. Marie Claire, Grazia, The Telegraph, Talk Radio? We can’t wait to see what else lies ahead for our amazing client!

(Low!) Fee:
The cost for the 5 pieces above and the lovely slot on Talk Radio:
Marie Claire – £250
Grazia – £250
Telegraph – £150
Daily Mail – £150
Net Doctor – £150
Talk Radio – £150

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