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With PR, we might be low fee and pay per results but that’s not to say we are magic – PR does take time. Like any PR agency we are at the mercy of the media’s appetite, deadlines and journalist’s tastes / quims.

In the first few weeks it can feel like nothing is happening and that the press section of your website is destined to remain empty.

But don’t despair, PR can be a slow burn before it all starts pouring in – and no other PR agency is incentivised like we are – we are in this together!

With that in mind, here’s a little case study about one of our favourite clients, Perfect Stride, who patiently waited 6 months for top tier press, before a flood of press swept him away (3 major pieces in the last few weeks alone).

Why 6 months? The fitness scene is saturated with fitness experts and it took time to position Perfect Stride as the ‘perfect’ experts to offer expert comment. It’s all about profile building and nurturing journalist relationships.

6 months is an unusually long time (usually, it’s weeks versus months) but this tale is powerful one for understanding the workings of PR and how patience is rewarded.

Perfect Stride persevered and now we get them press every single month… good things come to those who wait, ey?

The Client:

Perfect Stride – Doctors of physical therapy, human movement experts, and athletes.

The Service:

Two of our popular Pay Per Result PR services:

Pay Per Result PR services :
Press Releases and Comment Pieces.


Perfect Stride joined us back in August 2019 and are still with us today. We don’t blame them!

Their Goals/The Brief:

Credibility (sexy press badges for their new website) and SEO and those all-important backlinks.

Results Summary:

Although it took a few months to get that press rolling in, we have got Perfect Stride into top, top, top tier publications, such as Men’s Health (a full page), Esquire, and Woman and Home. It’s all very lovely and we are proud that Perfect Stride has been credited as top experts on all things Physical Therapy and fitness.

(Low) Fee:

Esquire – £250
Woman and Home (x2) – £150 each
Men’s Fitness – £150
Sustain Health – £50 – £150

Testimonial :

Jordan Baker


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