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The Client:
TRIPorganiser – Personal travel service & tour operators!

The Service:
Social Media Writing & Posting

TRIPorganiser joined the Sanity gang back in May 2019 and are still letting us loose on their social media!

Their Goals/The Brief:
TRIPorganiser wanted to build their brand on their social media platforms and showcase what services they offer as expert travel guides and tour operators.

Results Summary:
We improved (and continue to improve) their overall following, keep the feed nice and consistent, and have scheduled loads (we mean hundreds) of new posts and content to browse.

We took them from well below 1000 up to 1300 through organic gradual posting, researched hashtags, and simply sending out the right type of content.

Job well done!

(Low) Fee:

We post twice a week on TRIPorganiser’s social platforms for just £120 per month.

But if you have oodles of content to get out there, our Social Media Writing & Posting service costs just £199 per month for 5 posts per week! What a steal!

Jordan Baker


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