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We love our clients – and it’s important to us that our clients love us (after all – we have a monthly rolling contract)!

We believe that Marketing is a pretty easy concept – and it just so happens that we’re rather good at it (a little modesty there). With that in mind we work across a vast range of sectors – from technology, hospitality and beauty, to celebrity, fitness and medical.

Current Clients

Previous Projects

  • INTRODUCING VITYBOX – THE WORLD’S FIRST 15ML SHOT THAT CATERS FOR ALL YOUR BEAUTY & HEALTH NEEDS Skin, hair and nail supplements have been around for […]
  • INTRODUCING MAMA GOT THIS: A NEW KIND OF NETWORKING FOR BUSINESSWOMEN Mama Got This is an all-female collective for like-minded business owners. It doesn’t matter where […]
  • INTRODUCING DR SANDRA – LONDON’S PREEMINENT COSMETIC DENTIST Dr Sandra Garcia Martin is an industry-leading dentist in London who specialises in creating beautiful smiles with pioneering […]
  • INTRODUCING BASHMENT BRUNCH – ‘NOTTING HILL CARNIVAL’-ESQUE WINTER SPECIAL HITS LONDON   With brunch quickly becoming the most popular and widely talked about meal of the […]
  • INTRODUCING CITY HYPNOSIS: LONDON’S LEADING HYPNOTHERAPIST When you first think of hypnotism, you might think of whacky circus shows and stage magic. However, hypnotherapy could not […]
  • INTRODUCING CASA SPA: AN AUTHENTIC HAMMAM RETREAT IN LONDON The variety of spa treatments around London can be very off-putting due to their incredibly high prices, […]
  • INTRODUCING DR RICARDO FRATI – THE UK’S LEADING CELEBRITY COSMETIC SURGEON Taking the plunge to undergo cosmetic surgery is a big decision, but it doesn’t have […]
  • INTRODUCING THE FACEBIBLE – THE LONDON BASED AESTHETICS GURU Based at the Sofitel Hotel at London Heathrow, The FaceBible was founded by Dr Raj Arora, a […]
  • INTRODUCING THE GOBPSY – LONDON’S LITTLE BAR PACKING A BIG SECRET Deep down within every one of us, there’s a desire to live in the times […]
  • INTRODUCING YUMN – TRADITIONAL DINING: MODERNIZED It’s no secret that London is a melting pot of colourful cultures, and that is what Yumn celebrates and champions […]
  • INTRODUCING FINANCIAL MARKETS ONLINE – THE COMPANY PUTTING AN END TO ‘WOLVES OF INSTAGRAM’ Technological advances have made financial trading more accessible for everyone across the […]
  • INTRODUCING FIGHT CITY GYM – FIGHT YOUR CALORIES AWAY IN THE CITY, LITERALLY With an increasing amount of people tied to desk-based office jobs, the need […]
  • INTRODUCING ELLE VOYAGE – EXPERIENTIAL TOURS FOR WOMEN WITH WANDERLUST Elle Voyage is a tour operator that has one clear aim: get more women travelling. Founded […]
  • MEET THE CREATORS OF THE ‘MODERN DAY BRUNCH‘ BRINGING HIP HOP BACK TO LONDON Not long ago, it seemed like London was turning its back on […]
  • INTRODUCING GI COLLECTION – THE COMPANY WITH TRANSGENDER PEOPLE AT ITS HEART Born out of a desire to give the transgender community everything they need, GI […]
  • INTRODUCING LONDON’S PREMIER AESTHETICS SPECIALIST – DR BRUNO AMENDOLA With countless years of experience and education from some of the best programs in the world, Dr […]
  • INTRODUCING THE BOTULINUM TOXIN CLUB – THE UK’S LEADING FACIAL AESTHETICS WORKSHOP   As the never-ending fight against ageing continues to burn, facial aesthetic procedures are […]
  • INTRODUCING KENNY MAMMARELLA-D’CRUZ – THE MAN WHISPERER If you’ve seen the dog whisperer and wished there was one for men, you’re in luck! A personal development […]