Ballet Bracelet

A Flexible, Timeless, Elegant bracelet for women

Created by luxury, celebrity, Private Jeweller Asher Hoffman, the ballet bracelet is for every woman – modern, understated, and feminine.

Like its namesake, the bracelet is flexible, light and graceful, yet strong; reminiscent of a ballet dancer gliding across the Lincoln Center stage.

This pinnacle of design compliments every look; from a casual outfit worn downtown, to an elegant ensemble for an uptown function.

The ballet bracelet is inlaid with 360 degrees of diamonds, totalling 1 carat, on a lightweight, hinge-free bangle.

The regal accessory comes in a luxurious colourway of gold (18K), white gold, and rose gold.

Fitting close to the wrist, the bracelets can be stacked upon one another or worn individually for a gentle, yet powerful embellishment to any look.

The ballet brace is priced at $1,195 and is available on the Ballet website.



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