Combining the variety of rich flavours found in the Levant, CERU takes its customers on a journey across the Middle East in its South Kensington and Soho restaurants.

What is the Levant? A place. A taste. A journey. The Levant broadly encompasses Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Cyprus, Israel and Palestine making it a kaleidoscope of flavour, spices, and culture.

Experiencing beautiful blend of flavours and heritage, CERU’s founder, Barry Hilton, decided to dedicate a restaurant to provide insight into the region:

“Encouraged by Levent Kayapehlivan, who I met in a backstreet café near the Galata Bridge in Istanbul, I was inspired to create a flavour journey that provides an insight into the rich food heritage of the region. The menu at CERU uses authentic ingredients and cooking methods, but without the need to faithfully recreate well-known dishes. It has been great fun — I hope you enjoy eating it, as much as I did creating it.” Barry Hilton, Founder

Home to some of the healthiest, freshest, and most delicious foods, its historical cookbook contains some of the most ancient cuisines on the planet. The ancient Romans and Phoenicians heartily enjoyed many of the dishes that are served in CERU today – featuring the likes of Houmous, Shish Taouk, and Halloumi. Many years have passed, but they’re just as authentically tasty as ever.

The exciting array of dishes are all guaranteed to be delicious, using rich spices to create a fabulous and stimulating taste. CERU’s menu features over 100 ingredients with more than 20 individual spices, including typical favourites and new, unique tastes.

With two branches to explore Levantine cuisine, CERU can be found tucked away on Bute Street, near South Kensington or in the newly open Soho branch.

CERU is open seven days a week for brunch, lunch, and dinner, featuring a dedicated brunch menu and an extensive list of cocktails – with each venue having a host of exclusive cocktails, such as the Turkish Delight Cocktail.

South Kensington – 7-9 Bute Street, London, SW7 3EY

Soho – 11 D’Arblay Street, London W1F 8DT



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