Stepping inside a chamber with temperatures hovering around the -135°C mark may feel like home to our Canadian friends, but for the rest of us, that’s bloody freezing. Would you be tempted to do it if it boasted a significant range of benefits for your body?

Introducing Cryotherapy – a modern cooling technology which boosts post-exercise sports recovery and injury prevention, amongst many other total-body benefits. London-based CryoAction are the leading providers of whole-body cryotherapy chambers in the UK, offering mobile and retail cryotherapy spaces alongside fixed spaces.

The process is simple – just three minutes at –135°C is enough to kickstart your recovery process by up to 5x by increasing blood flow and oxygen delivery to an injury site.

Users can also expect huge reductions in muscle spasms, and an increase in lymphatic drainage and testosterone supply. The benefits go on, and on, and on, including a positive impact on the regeneration process and even eliminating the need for post-injury pain medication.

It’s no surprise then, why CryoAction is used by coaches, physiotherapists, and teams across a wide range of different sports.  The proof is in the pudding, with CryoAction boasting clients such as the legendary Leicester City and Watford football clubs.

Backed by endless research, Cryotherapy is set to become the number one preventative resource for anyone looking to get the upper hand when it comes to total body health.



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