Meet the unique app changing the way Brits access their healthcare records – Docandu. 

With Docandu, you can easily connect with your doctors, get personalised medical tips based on your medical history, and access and share securely all your medical records within seconds, from anywhere in the world – perfect for frequent international travellers or ex-pats.

Initially exploding in Greece, the innovative digital health platform and start-up Docandu completely changes the dynamics of patient-doctor relationships and the way citizens can consume health services.

The app promises no more non-compatible medical notes, lost health exams, panicking based on misleading internet symptom advice, impersonal doctor-patient consultations, lengthy queues for simple check-ups or unreadable prescriptions. Sounds fabulous, but how does it all work? The app harnesses Artificial Intelligence and a secure cloud-based library of medical knowledge to provide instant personalised answers and on-demand specialist support.

Docandu boasts the ability to store and access your records, plus share them with doctors, family, and friends whilst controlling the level of information they can see. 

Users can easily pull up their medical records without having to worry about remembering previous medications, conditions, or symptoms. The app also allows users to print off a unique code which allows emergency services to access the patient’s records if incapacitated, especially handy during a holiday to an exotic destination.

Docandu focuses in on two main aspects: allowing patients to maintain existing trusted relationships with their doctors, as well as the need for a comprehensive, easily transferable but secure digital medical record system across patients, doctors and medical centres. The result? A modern and hassle-free solution that stores all your medical records, securely, in one place. Docandu can be downloaded in both the Apple Store and Google Play Store where it currently boasts a perfect 5-star rating. 



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