Taking the plunge to undergo cosmetic surgery is a big decision, but it doesn’t have to be a scary one. With so many of us growing more open to correcting our bumps, lumps and insecurities, it’s more vital than ever that we choose a cosmetic surgeon who won’t leave you looking more beast than beauty. If that is a fate you’re looking to avoid, put your faith in the UK’s leading celebrity cosmetic surgeon, Dr Ricardo Frati.

Ricardo Frati is one of the UK’s most experienced providers of cosmetic surgery, laser, and skin treatments, with clinics located in London’s prestigious Harley Street and in Manchester. Backed by several qualifications from the University of Rome, plus a fellowship with the world-renowned Professor Gasparotti, Dr Frati specialises his work in the complex and sensitive world of cosmetic surgery.

Dr Frati’s pioneering and advanced techniques have been featured on various world-renowned TV programmes and publications – such as This Morning, GMTV, FHM and Mail Online – and has a long list of celebrity clients – including Mario Falcone, James Argent and James Lock – whilst also working closely with the big names in the US – including none other than LA’s cosmetic King and Botched star, Paul Nassif.

In the clinic, Dr Frati offers a range of unique and innovative cosmetic treatments, including breast, face, body, and vaginal procedures, plus a host of unique skin treatments. Always ahead of the game, Dr Frati carries out new concepts that are unique and advanced in the world of breast surgery – including High Definition breast augmentation, the short scar / invisible scar technique and the fast recovery technique – a 24-hour recovery technique, which allows clients to make a very quick recovery back to normal social life.

Dr Frati is a firm believer that plastic surgery should always offer a significant resolution to an issue, providing patients with the most natural end results possible and offering care before, during and after any procedure to offset the physical stress of surgery.

All procedures are carried out following an in-depth consultation in a colloquial manner; encouraging patients to voice any queries or concerns that they may have prior to undergoing surgery. Dr Frati has a thorough, sensitive approach to each and every procedure, knowing that these decisions are ones that no patient should ever take lightly – or regret.

It’s this experience and caring-nature that has allowed Dr Frati to provide high-quality cosmetic surgery work to a plethora of individuals ranging from high-profile celebrities to those simply looking to improve their confidence and appearance.



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