Pioneers of the industry En Femme have been offering bespoke products to the crossdressing and transgender communities for over 20 years.

Created by a vibrant team of specialists with incredible knowledge in cross-gender expression, En Femme offer nearly every product imaginable that the crossdresser and transgender communities may need. The products are all shipped in discreet, plain packaging and include clothing designed to enhance feminine features, body shapers, breast forms, wigs, accessories, plus luxury bras and panties from the world’s first transgender lingerie line – GI COLLECTION.

Whether one is transgender, experimenting, or simply crossdressing for recreation, En Femme (meaning “as a woman” in French) are the premier provider for head-to-toe fabulously feminine, fashion-forward products. 

Head designer Tyler DeSouza has been designing and manufacturing specialty apparel for the crossdresser and trans woman for over 20 years. With a goal of helping his customers feel confident and empowered on their journey to be their true selves, DeSouza and his team are constantly working to shatter the stigma the community often face. 

Each piece boats a completely unique and custom design, essentially unlike anything one could find in an average clothing store. DeSouza and his team have carefully curated each item with the unique, and often misunderstood, needs of the community in mind.

Sexy dresses with strategically placed contours that create an instant, feminine hourglass-like figure; premium gaffs that smooth the frontal areas whilst still being comfortable; and wigs from the ‘Absolutely Passable’ collection that promise a natural and realistic finish that provide more than enough confidence to be seen in public – these are all available to order in En Femme’s exclusive online store.  

En Femme are one of the few brands based in the US that are exclusively committed to crossdressing and transgender fashion despite the sector growth recorded in the last few years. In a time when people are becoming more and more open towards non-binary attitudes and free expression, En Femme are helping to promote the societal change, one gorgeous product at a time. 


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