David Law
October 24, 2017
October 24, 2017

Feng Shui Agency is a purveyor in classical Feng Shui consultancy, design & architecture throughout London, UK and Worldwide. Feng Shui Agency is one of the UK’s longest established Feng Shui consultancies in London.

Sarah Mcallister – Founder of Feng Shui Agency – is a designer of wellbeing, with a visionary approach to the design of space. Her work acts as powerful catalyst for positive momentum in her clients lives.

By using a blend of Chinese Horoscope, eco-psychology and authentic classical Feng Shui and modern technologies, Sarah helps clients understand how their space is affecting them and what can be done to help boost positive energy flow at home or in business, spa & retail spaces.

What makes Feng Shui Agency special?

  • Reaching your potential – Feng Shui Agency helps to harmonise the Feng Shui of people’s inner and outer world so that they can reach their personal, professional and business potential.
  • New eyes – Sarah is a unique property expert who enjoys inspiring people to see their space with new eyes, connecting to energies around them and unique qualities about themselves and the places they occupy.
  • Understanding life force – her ‘niche’ is understanding life force energy and how it pulses throughout life and business – meaning she can help with both residential and business Feng Shui needs and requirements.
  • Design – Sarah helps people include Feng Shui in designs for residential or commercial properties from the outset, so that they can avoid disasters and negative energy and create a supportive space of peace and positivity.
  • Connected – Clients include: Princes Foundation for the Built Environment, Red Bull, Bartercard, London Calling, Smiley and St Hugh’s College, Oxford University.

Sarah’s Feng Shui experience is vast and spans across ecobuilds, home and business, countryside to luxury townhouse refurbishments and much more in London and overseas. She is quick to understand both the demands and vision of a project and naturally thinks in 3D, which means she always has a handle on the design process.

Sarah is also author of “The Dreams Architect – How to Design Your Life & Home to Support your Inner Luminosity” – a book specifically written for people designing new homes or refurbishing existing buildings.




Want To Find Out More?

We’ve produced a case study for our work with Feng Shui Agency so that you can see the positive impact we had on their business.

Just click the image below and you’ll be taken straight to the case study.