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fulham osteopaths


Recent studies conducted by Channel 4’s “Live Well for Longer” found that Osteopathic treatments can reduce pain by up to 75% through harnessing the healing abilities of the human body itself. The art utilises a natural approach to healing and rebalancing interconnections between different areas of the body; with no one understanding these elements more than acclaimed Fulham Osteopaths. 

Established by Osteopaths Melinda and Andrew Cotton in 1989, Fulham Osteopaths based on Fulham Road have freed thousands of people from the burdens of pain with their knowledge of the human body, its balances, processes and structure. These days, the clinic boasts 30+ years’ worth of experience between a team of 9 Osteopaths and 4 Alternative Therapists. The practice has not only become the biggest Private Osteopathy Clinic in London but is also known as one of the world’s top Osteopath practices. 

Osteopathy can treat plenty of conditions, most notably arthritis, back and neck pain, headaches, and postural problems. To combat these issues and more, Fulham Osteopaths offer a large range of treatments; including Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Reflexology, Massage and Counselling, plus specialist services for Mums and Babies such as treating Baby Reflux, Flat Head Syndrome, Cranial Osteopathy. This ever-expanding range of services has allowed them to address many dimensions of their patient’s health and well-being, the effect is to harness each person’s body’s ability to heal, restore and feel great again.

Each of the clinic’s practicing Osteopaths are experts in Palpation, the Osteopathic skill of feeling and identifying which structures and tissues are blocking the body’s ability to heal and find health. This cultivated skill is just as important as sight during a medical examination and allows Fulham Osteopaths to deliver a customised treatment plan as unique as the individual is.

Due to the fragility and complexity of the body, it’s best to seek help from only the most accomplished clinics such as Fulham Osteopaths. Having proven themselves one hundred times over as exceptional leaders in the field of healing and self-care, the drug-free, non- invasive manual therapy on offer is the perfect solution to improving joint, muscle, and spine health.

Address: 769 Fulham Rd, Fulham, London SW6 5HA



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