In 2014, Natasha Stromberg created a simple slideshow about Global Female Empowerment on her MacBook and 4 years later, that slideshow has grown into a fully-fledged digital platform. Driven by her vision of a business world where women lead, Genderbuzz puts female-led and female-owned businesses at the heart of the new economy.

Genderbuzz is rapidly becoming the number one directory in the UK for Feminist Business Women. Why? Because it’s the place to search for and support dynamic female-led business and push for gender parity.

How does it work?

  1. When Women list their business on the Genderbuzz directory, they connect with new markets for their services and / or products.
  1. Women and feminists alike can search Genderbuzz for reviewed services and products they can trust and support female-led businesses.
  1. And finally, those businesses and directory searchers become part of a growing community of support for female leadership and wealth building. Genderbuzz listers also have access to an exclusive member’s area, complete with coaching and e-support from Natasha and each other. Sisterhood rules!

At its core, Genderbuzz embodies its founder, Natasha’s values. Both Natasha and Genderbuzz women believe that they can achieve more collectively than they can alone and that there is power in collective success. By harnessing that power of collective wealth and leadership, Genderbuzz is bringing its Feminist A-game to the business world.



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