Born out of a desire to give the transgender community everything they need, GI Collection is a revolutionary company that is changing the trends of society as we know it.

A young, multi-faceted brand, GI Collection includes unique products and services all aimed exclusively at the transgender market, many of which you just wouldn’t find on your local high street. The range includes the world’s first and only lingerie brand designed specifically for transgender women. These custom designed lingerie pieces offer a truly sexy and feminine feel that is simply unheard of – a stark contrast to the ghastly and humiliating products available today.

GI Collection also provide different on-demand services aimed to educate and inspire transgender women, including ‘phone a friend’ – a way for transitioning people to get help in situations where advice is sparse or inaccurate.

Founded by Carmen Liu, the entire brand is built around what GI stands for – “get it.” Every offering is designed at getting something, whether its transgender women ‘getting’ products that make their lives easier or cis-gendered people ‘getting’ that trans people are human too – and don’t deserve to be treated differently than anybody else.

Life as a transgender person isn’t an easy journey – Carmen dealt with many tough situations during her transition, often struggling with a lack of advice and moral support. But it’s this experience that drives her passion for the brand, where she puts a hard focus on getting transgender people out of the dark when it comes to their everyday lives and changing the way society views transgender people.

Despite elements of progress over the last few years, transgender people are still shunned from society and discriminated against unfairly, plus they often lack psychological/ emotional support when it comes to making the transition. But GI Collection’s Carmen Liu is aiming to change things, one leap at a time.


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