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Established in London in 1980, Ginni’s has grown from small beginnings to become a British institution; delivering a vast selection of quality nuts, snacks and sweets in a wide range of delicious and exciting flavours. 

The nuts and seeds that Ginni’s are famous for have become globally popular, thanks to their natural health benefits, also offering popcorn, sweets, dried fruits and pork scratchings, among other things, that have their own set of mouth-watering and experimental flavours. 

To keep up with this demand, Ginni’s has set up the unique ‘Ginni’s in a Box’ service, delivering full sized packets direct to customers’ doors once a month. The hassle-free monthly treat is easy to sign up to and customisable according to individual tastes. The service starts at just £5 per month and includes an astonishingly large variety of products that are bulging at the seams; perfect for every occasion and snack-based desire imaginable, and at a very generous price!

The ‘Ginni’s in a Box’ service is popular amongst offices, gyms, and even as personal stock; plus, it’s 20% cheaper than buying the snacks separately. You’ll also get much more bang for your buck with Ginni’s compared to its competitors – subscription services like Graze only provide snack-sized products, whilst Ginni’s provide full-size packets of delicious snacks!

One of the best things about Ginni’s products, however, is the variety of shapes and sizes they come in. They’re great for on-the-go snacks, packed lunches or to keep at home as a personal reserve to dip in to. Their large sharing packs are perfect for parties and picnics and, for more celebratory occasions, elegant gift trays are also available. 

The team at Ginni’s have mastered the art of getting just the right balance in their flavourings and are constantly keeping their eye on the market to come up with inspiration for more. Perhaps that’s why, over their nearly 40 years of trading, Ginni’s have been fortunate enough to secure such a loyal and engaging customer base. 

No matter which size or treat you choose, Ginni’s have you covered!


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