Hanson Fitness

Hanson Fitness provide the best personal training sessions in NYC. Their training studios are spacious, bright and with state of the art equipment. Celebrity Trainer Harry Hanson has been in the business for over 30 years. He presently owns and operates three personal fitness training studios. He and his fellow trainers strive to help you achieve your personal goals.

Their trainers have expertise in; weight loss, weight gain, total body conditioning, rehabilitation and much more. Whatever your goals may be for your fitness journey, they develop the exercise program for your short term and long term objectives. They will motivate and educate you based on your personal needs and goals.

Hanson Fitness have over two decades of experience and a long list of clients including celebrities, models, Athletes and hard-working professionals. Their highly trained and experienced staff of fitness professionals are continuously maintaining what is regarded as the newest and best in the fitness arena by continuing with educational courses and studies. Their trainers are educated, hold certificates and degrees and are friendly, caring, considerate and passionate about helping clients every step of the way.

Celebrities – Hanson Fitness have trained celebs such as Naomi Campbell, Julianne Moore, Judd Nelson and many, many more.

Harry has been described by the New York Daily News as “one of New York’s most sought after fitness gurus” and voted Celebrity Fitness Trainer of the year by MSNBC, has trained tightened and toned Hollywood and sports A-LISTERS for more than 20 years. Harry also wrote Get your rear in gear, the most comprehensive book on how to tone and shape body’s most universal trouble spot.


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