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helena hill fit

Helena Hill – Personal Trainer Female Fat Loss Pre & Post Natal Fitness Specialist Mum of 3

Meet Helena:

“I’m Helena and I’m a London based Personal Trainer specialising in female fat loss and pre & post natal fitness. I’m also a wife and mother of three girls under three so I understand the challenges that come with juggling work and family life along with a fitness routine.

When I was in my early twenties, like many young women, I followed fad, quick fix diets which ultimately led to plateaus, fears and misconceptions around food and poor body image – all due to my lack of understanding on fitness and nutrition. It wasn’t until I adapted a weight training lifestyle and learned about nutrition 10 years ago that I finally created a physique that not only I was happy with, but that was healthy and sustainable. This eventually led me to change career and retrain as a Personal Trainer in order to pass on my knowledge and help women improve their self-confidence and their lives the way I did.  I’ve never looked back.

Today, I educate and help my clients to create a healthy, committed mindset around food and exercise .  I’m passionate about providing them with the tools necessary to create a successful framework that is both empowering and sustainable. I help busy Mothers develop simple lifestyle habits so that they never have to worry about losing weight ever again. I help my clients using motivation psychology, meal planning, HIIT, weight training and core restore/ rehabilitation exercises to fix their mummy tummy.

Whether you’re a busy professional woman or a new mum struggling to lose those last ten pounds, I can help you.”



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