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Our skin tone is our most beautiful asset, regardless of the shade. It’s a universal concept, yet individual to the beholder. Our clothing should think no differently.

Introducing IN, the groundbreakingly ethical company of exclusively nude-coloured clothing. Founded in 2019, IN comprises of 12 easy-to-wear yet fashionably sensual pieces, including body suits, sweatshirts and underwear; designed as a celebration of skin tone. Instead of creating clothing that hangs off the body in bright, alien colours; IN is designed to join the body, balancing the figure into one harmonized piece through accentuating the natural tones of the wearer, encouraging them to love their body and accept who they are on the inside and out.

The collection has sustainability set at its core, being environmentally conscious of its footprint as a company; aiming to reshape the perception of sustainable fashion. Therefore, IN sources fabrics from exclusively vegan suppliers, and encourages wearers to collect pieces, rather than to buy at random and in bulk; embracing a waste-free mindset in fashion. Durability, comfort and style are therefore at the forefront of IN’s design and distribution process.

Founded by Influencer and former model Irene Noren (@irenenoren), IN was born out of the longing to feel comfortable in our own skin; and confident of our skin colour. The collection was heavily influenced by the cherished nudity of the Italian Renaissance, and Noren’s own admiration of the naked body. IN continuously pioneers the way for a clothing market that flaunts the attributes of the wearer.

The wait for clothing that loves your body just as much as you do is over; but the journey towards fashion that loves the earth has just begun. The combination of these two elements is where IN comes in.


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