The International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring has a simple vision: to be recognised as one of the leading accreditation bodies for professional coaches, mentors, training providers, and corporations with in-house coaching and mentoring teams. By increasing public awareness, IAPC&M is on a mission to raise the public standard of mentoring and coaching.

IAPC&M offer coaches a vigorously developed accreditation, building trust in mentee to mentor, by knowing that their mentor has been trained. There are four levels of accreditation based on individual experience, being: practitioner, senior, master, and fellow. Coaches have the opportunity to upgrade to the next level, encouraging them to look forward in their career and challenge themselves to grow.

All accreditations are valid for three years and can be renewed, featuring perks like access to IAPC&M’s members area. They’ll also be included in IAPC&M’s directory, helping connect mentees and mentors together, alongside accredited training courses.  It allows members of the public:

  1. to hire a coach.
  2. to find training courses.
  3. to download free help guides.
  4. And, to clarify if their choice in a coach/mentor is accredited.

IAPC&M has five core values that reverberate across its services:

  1. Integrity – they promote consistency and transparency, and exercise moral and ethical principles in all their interactions.
  2. Excellence – they are committed to persistently pursuing excellence.
  3. Making a difference – through co-operation, they develop effective practices to make a positive difference.
  4. Contribution – everything they do is grounded in the belief that accreditation follows the highest possible standard to benefit everyone.
  5. Continuous growth – they recognise that their duty is to meet and exceed customer’s individual needs and expectations. Through diligence, perseverance and learning, they aim to become and train the best (of the best).


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