We all strive to be our most authentic selves, but sometimes, what we’re born with doesn’t quite align with how we wish to best express ourselves. Enter Live True London, the easy going and care-free hair salon where judgments and prejudice are banned. No matter the hairstyle or colour you’re yearning for, the team at Live True London are dedicated to making all their clients happy.

As their name implies, their headline offer is encouraging you and helping you to live true. One haircut at a time.

Comfort is key to their salons, working on a collaborative approach of stylist and client. As much as all the team are professionally trained and experienced, they know that ultimately, the client is the expert of their own hair. Whether it’s swinging the salon doors open for a quick trim or a dial-up with a whole new colour transformation, the open dialogue between client and stylist ensures that all outcomes are desired.

In their Vauxhall branch, Live True also offers an in-house beauty salon. Offering a range of professional treatments and bespoke services executed by top beauty therapists. Clients popping by this branch will come out being revitalised in hair, face, body, and nails. After-care advice is also provided so that Live True London’s services don’t end once you leave the salon floor.


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